Have questions?

Have questions?

We provide Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping, Tree Service, Junk Removal to Snellville, Loganville, Lilburn, Lawrenceville, Grayson, & Surrounding Areas.

Office Hours

Mon-Fri 8am-7pm

- Do you give FREE Estimates?
Yes. The property must be within a 10 mile radius of our service areas.

- When are payments due?
Before or within 24hrs of recieving service invoice.  On the 25th hour the payment is deemed late and a late fee will be applied. No exceptions.  If your payment is not rendered, service will automatically be cancelled from our appointment calendar and you will have to call back after payment is made and request to be added to the schedule.  You will have to apply for auto-payment or pay prior-to recieving service from then on.

To pay on our site you must register for an account.  Account must be approved in order to proceed with initial payment.  This account keeps a running record of all payments at any time you can log in and print out if needed.

Can my scheduled day change at any point? 
Yes.  If it rains on your day or rain too much the day before your regular day can be moved up to 2 days prior to scheduled day or up to 2 days after scheduled day.

- What all forms of paymet do you accept?
Credit Card, Debit Card

- How often will Greener Fields come out to service my lawn?
We have "every week" service, "every 2 weeks" service available. We do not to once a month, only every 2wks services or every week service during our season.  Season goes Pre Season March then April - November's end.  However alternate cutting schedules are accepted December - March only.

- How far in advance do I schedule a service?
All services done are contingent upon our service calendar.  You must check availability and time frame will be given based on calendar openings.

- Can I cancel my re-curring service at anytime?
Yes. You must cancel 2 weeks prior to regular date agreed upon or a fee will be assesed.  You can login your account and cancel.  If you have questions, please call us 72hrs before you want to cancel.  If you allow your payment to be processed and want to have a refund processed, we charge 15.00 fee.

- Does GFLC do landscaping?
Yes.  But it depends on the request.  We don't accept all landscaping jobs.

- What happens if it rains on my regular scheduled day?
If we are unable to service your property the next business day, we will communicate which day we will follow up the service on.  We will try to cut it closest to your regular date to keep you on schedule.

- How often should I have my lawn serviced?
It depends on how fast your lawn is growing.  It's recommended that you cut faster growing lawns 1 x / week.  Average growing lawns can be cut every 2 weeks.  If you cut fast growing lawns every 2 weeks you run the risk of having brown spots in the lawn when it's cut.

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