Though fall can be a very beautiful site with all the different color leaves on tree and some shrubs in your lawn, it can also be an eye sore when the leaves fall and all pile up on your property.  Each year some trees shed all of their leaves in preparation to go dormant for the winter.  We can help maintain your lawn by removing excess leaves in order to give your property the best appearance and presentation for your neighborhood and home for the fall and winter season.

It's best to have us remove the debris as it collects on a weekly or bi-weekly basis so that there is minimal accumulation as possible.  Services of the like is considered "post season services.  Post season service only means that the "cutting season" for the most part has ended as far as the lawn it self.  While the grass is either not growing or grown at an extremely low pace, due to lower soil temperatures, your lawn could still need services.  Usually all services end once all of the leaves have fallen a customer's property. 

Some choose not to have leaf service or "post season services" done.  This is not recommended for a few reasons: 1. Your lawn doesn't look at it's best potential.  2. To have leaf debris accumulate makes the lawn more difficult to restore to clean state.  3. It's cost the customer more money.  We don't recommend letting your leaves all pile up then having them removed.  It's best to let us, or your lawn service continue on a "post season / as needed" schedule so that your lawn stays looking great and that it doesn't cost you more money to remove them late winter or in the spring during "spring lawn cleanups".