Weed Control is the most common problem with lawns over time as weeds rapidly begins growing in them.  Often times we think that spraying the lawn with a lawn safe weed killer is the solution.  While this is great for the weeds that have already germinated or grew from seeds, the ones that are buried below the soil surface are still able to sprout and grow.  This can be an on-going issue if it's not handled properly.  One of the key things to add to your lawn for Weed Control is Pre-emergents.  This substance stops seeds of weeds in the ground from germinating.  Be careful not to put this out if you are Overseeding your lawn as it will prevent those seeds from growing as well.  

During the fall and winter months is key in making sure these applications are applied.  This forms barriers to keep the weeds out of your lawn throughout the spring and summer growing season.  There are some products that you can buy at your local ag pro stores as well as home depot.  You must be careful when adding these to your lawn and follow the instructions.  If you are unsure about how to apply, contact a professional and have them do the application of the product to your lawn.

To get rid of WEEDS in your lawn THAT ARE ALREADY PRESENT, you can apply "LAWN SAFE" weed killers to get rid of them.  Make sure you read the directions and apply the product accordingly.  Identify your lawn type and make sure the product your apply won't harm your lawn.  Most weed killers kill most but not all weeds.  The idea is for your lawn to thrive and out-compete anything else that may be trying to grow there.  Below is a product that works on Bermuda Lawns really well to remove the weeds from them.  It's slower working but it's effective when applied properly.  Be sure to go to your local stores and speak with a professional before applying anything to your lawn if you are unsure about what your doing and / or applying!